Founded in 2003, the Milner Butcher Media Group is a full service media agency specializing in the planning, negotiation, and implementation of integrated media campaigns that are designed to successfully engage consumers in today’s ever-changing media landscape.
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Helping to build the world’s largest fan to fan ticket marketplace.
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MBMG and The General have been working together since 2003. As this direct marketer has grown over the years, the media strategy has evolved with the expansion of the business and continues to be optimized for highest performing lead generation.
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Choose your pen wisely. It just might help you land your dream job. MBMG, in partnership with TRIS3CT, was tasked to launch uni-ball into 2013 with a bang.
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5 Ways to Improve Chemistry With Your Clients

In the January 25th issue of AdWeek, MBMG’s President Zach Rosenberg highlights five keys to create deeper connections with potential clients and develop the necessary chemistry to win new business.

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January 25, 2016

Zachary Rosenberg Named MBMG President

NewBay provides multichannel marketing solutions and information to communities encompassing three large technology driven interrelated markets: Television & Video, Entertainment & Educational Technology, and Music. They recently published an article regarding Zach Rosenberg’s appointment as President of MBMG.  Zach will raise the profile of the agency with his vast network of relationships and continue to help grow MBMG.

The full announcement can be found here:

January 20, 2016

Zachary Rosenberg Named President at MBMG

Portada is the leading source of news and analysis on the Latin Marketing and Media space. They recently announced the appointment of Zach Rosenberg as President at MBMG, highlighting his focus on managing MBMG’s diverse multicultural client base while providing strategic direction and steering the agency’s future growth.

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January 5, 2016

The media business has seen its share of changes over the years.  It is no longer simply about tough negotiation on rates. We approach media with an anthropological view to understand consumer behavior and maintain a holistic focus on delivering maximum business value for our clients.  In today’s media ecosystem where a brand’s communication travels from the broadest to most acute touchpoints, MBMG is defining the role of the new media agency.


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